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We  have been busy scientists this week.  We have linked the Science Week 2022 theme of growth to our learning about plants and carried out several investigations (we will have to make careful observations over the next 2 weeks).We have also been improving our knowledge about the parts of plants, what they need to grow well, how the reproduce and how seeds are dispersed.

Checking our spring opinions to see how they are growing

The onions are still growing well.

We explored the conditions needed fro growth and tested our ideas be growing mustard seeds in different places and comparing the results to the control set of seeds.

We researched the life cycle of a flowering plant and found out about the role that flowers play.  

We looked closely at flowers and learnt about their different parts.  We found lots of daffodils in the school grounds and made careful observations to help us with our drawings.

Testing different ‘spinner’ to see which ones travel the furthest - linked to our learning about seed dispersal

We have been busy getting the vegetable patches ready for planting.  We found lots of last year’s potaotes

We revisited our Longitudinal study to see what changes had been happening…

We completed our knowledge organisers to help us reflect on what we had learnt this half term.