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Seeking Sanctuary Week

As part of Sanctuary Week, we worked with Year 6 on some shared learning.  Follow this link to see what we got up to...

This week, we are thinking about what it is like to have to leave your home and seek sanctuary in another country.


What things might we pack in a suitcase to remind us of home?


How could we make new people feel welcome?

The sunflower is the national flower for the Ukraine. We practised drawing them in our sketchbooks and then made a large version using black glue.  Will will add colour soon...

What amazing final pieces...look in the art section of the website for all the other pieces of sunflower art.

We looked at pictures from the book "My Name is Bob" and wrote a description on why Bob felt safe and welcome in his home

Look at th English section to see some of our wonderful writing inspired by My Name is Bob.