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Spring 2

Printing symbols inspired by Adinkra

Parent outcome- fun and games Kingswood style.

Eye of the Tiger Year 5 Singup Day

We have been learning this dance as part of Sing Up day Wednesday! It's looking great so far, well done Year 5!

We are off to Kingswood-Look out for updates

Kingswood update

The WiFi connection at Kingswood is a bit hit and miss so photos will come as soon as a connection is made. I have just spoken to Miss Beckett who tells me the children have had a busy start and are enjoying themselves. 

They are all ready for bed and lights out! Hopefully they will get a good nights sleep and they'll be ready for a full day tomorrow.

Mrs Whitford

The team at Kingswood are hoping to be able to upload some photos this evening. I have just heard from Mrs Barlett and she says, " Lots of the children have surpassed their expectations and pushed themselves. It's been brilliant to watch how supportive they've been to each other too. Lots of IGNITE values being demonstrated."

I can't wait to join them tomorrow,

Mrs Whitford

This is what the children have been up too and what is yet to come.

Kingswood Day 1

Kingswood Day 2

Day 1 and 2


We have all survived night 1 and everyone s very excited. Today has been chilly and we now fully appreciate our coats! All of the children have now had a full day of activities and each and every one of them has given their full effort towards the activities, even the slightly scary ones!


Already the 3G swing is a favourite and we've made brilliant memories in the short time we've been here.



What an amazingly beautiful day to arrive at Kingswood. It was great to see all the children and hear from them about the challenges they had faced and how they had overcome their fears. They are continuing to have a great time. The are eating and sleeping well and we have a few hoarse voices from all the talking and cheering.

We are all looking forward to rock pooling tomorrow, hopefully the sun will shine.

Photos will be added when we can although it is likely this will be when we return on Friday.



Day 4 Rock pooling.



A walk on the island

Buggy Building

Wow what a fabulous day. This morning the children got to explore the rock pools, they found crabs and and other creatures, the sun was shining and they had a great time. The rest of the day was filled to the brim with activities and the children- although tired- have continued show their IGNITE values in their approach to all the activities. This evening they enjoyed songs and jokes around the camp fire!

They are all looking forward to returning to their own beds tomorrow.