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The children have been put through their paces today!! 


First thing this morning they were informed that World War 1 had started.  They all had to attend the local recruiting office and sign up to join the Dorsetshire Regiment.  Drill sessions followed, weapons were in short supply so they had to use sticks instead of rifles and cricket balls for Mills bombs.  

Then they experienced World War 1 cookery, spam, cabbage and potatoes - and even the most reluctant eater tried it and enjoyed it!!!!! 


After lunch we marched to the trench with all our kit.  We are due to go over the top tomorrow so we had to prepare the trench.  The children took turns to complete guard duty, fill sand bags and clean the latrine! Their hard work was rewarded with tea and biscuits (which they had made).  


We finished the day with songs around the campfire, followed by hot chocolate and bed!!