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Writing from a different point of view

We had lost the map. It was all scrunched up in tiny little pieces from where the Tibicenas had come through the tunnel I was a little panicky because they now knew our scent. I was determined to pick them all up even though Isabella said there was no point it was the only memory she had of her Ma. She said that she was scared I said that I was scared as well and that we could do this together.


We continued our journey to get out the dark tunnel. I held the wood lamp so we could see where we are going whilst Isabella tried to thither her way around the map. The Tunnels were extremely zig zaggy sometimes I thought we were going to get lost. We came to a point where one way led us to crystals and one led us to a dark red place where Yote is I felt fear build up in me I didn’t want to believe her but it just could of been true as Isabella went left into the cave were loads and loads on crystals were over her head i felt a shudder and it got me to my knees Isabella fell there was another one me and Isabella locked eyes. Then the world caved in.