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A Boathouse in 2120 by Leah


I flew over the Jurassic Coast looking down at Durdle Door.

Nearly there, my new home!

I was filled with anticipation. This really felt like I was coming home as generations of my family have had houses here.


Climbing out of my drone taxi, I caught the first glimpse of my brand new house, designed like a boat because it hangs over the water and the sea levels are still rising.  It had carbon fibre walls with squeaky clean glass windows. Everything was polished to the point it looked like mirrors and a face recognition door opened when I stepped near the entrance.


Gliding towards me, a robot butler took my coat and suitcases and showed me around my new home. The main room was minimalist and loaded with state of the art technology. A clever hologram machine sat on a fibre glass table and a fridge, that ordered food when running low, rested against the other wall. The boathouse had everything I needed but it was all cleverly hidden away, ready to come out at the touch of a button! The voice activated lighting system ran around the whole vessel. Although I had windows for natural light, my favourite element was the ability to project any image/scenery onto them as a view.


Coming in, in silence, the butler having unpacked my things, handed me my photos and books. In with my books were my recently inherited family diaries which I hadn’t had a chance to read yet.


I wandered to my bedroom and sat on my bed pod, it felt very comfortable especially as it keeps you the ideal temperature for a perfect night sleep.

Feeling tired and nostalgic, I gently opened the first book at the half way point, I noticed the elegant handwriting in un-blotted ink and read that extract to myself.




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It read...


Monday  21st

January 1918


Dear diary,


Today was not unusual, in all it was quite normal.  Citizens were gathering upon our streets holding notices quoting that women should have the equal vote. I most certainly acknowledge these dashing young ladies and I applaud the effort of our communities.....


Lilian Lomas

24 years 


All kinds of thought waves rushed through my head; so that’s how women got the vote, it all makes perfect sense, the Suffragettes were so brave.


Wanting to know more about my ancestors, I grabbed another diary and read another extract. This time it was from 2020 and written by my Great Nan. Strangely it was written in coloured pens!

This one read...


Monday 23rd

March 2020


Dear diary,


Today was not a normal day, as schools around the country closed on Friday due to the Coronavirus. Now we need to stay 2 metres away from people outside our household and some people are wearing facemasks if they go out in public. Restaurants, shops and leisure centres all closed a few weeks ago and we are not meant to leave our house unless it is for exercise, food shopping, helping vulnerable people or to work if you can’t work from home.


It is very strange doing school work at home and I miss my friends but at least I can talk to them on FaceTime.....


Leah Murphy

11 years


More thoughts filled my mind and I started to wonder if Leah’s diary extract was similar to many other children’s back then.  It also explains where the tradition of wearing face masks every Easter Saturday came from.  


Being in my twenties, I have my whole life ahead of me here so it will be my turn to write in the diary – I wonder who will read it in years to come......



Mayble and Zachary were booked for a tourist walk around the coast of Skyland, whilst they were walking they saw a strange looking deer run across the path in front of them "am i seeing things?" Mayble questioned 

"I didn't think deer live on the coastline!" Zachary explained

By the time Zachary had looked back their group had gone already. " oh great!" Zachary said sarcastically 


He looked back and Mayble was already halfway down the hill running towards an old shed looking thing.


Mayble carefully opened the door and found herself inside a brightly coloured room with nothing but strange pictures on the wall. Of random objects, it smelt weird in there like there was once a beautiful rose in there until someone came along and cut it. Zachary came running after her as soon as he walked in the door there was a strange silence brought upon them. it was like they could hear everything before but now they don't hear anything.


They looked at each other. After a while of feeling scared and unsure, something grabbed them by the shoulder and pushed something on their faces  and all they could see was technology that for sure wasn't in the room before, they struggled to take off  but eventually they did.


The person who pushed the things onto their faces was nowhere to be seen. but they immediately ran out of the shed and back home. 


Somewhere by Tinaye

Somewhere. I do not know exactly how I got here, but I did. I sit on the beach wondering, how did I get here. Somewhere. Slowly, the sand filled the gaps in feet as I was lost in thought. Was this the feeling called loneliness? I have been alone here for what feels like eternities. I do not know how I learned to eat. Or speak. All I know is I am here, and there is no way of changing that. Somewhere. What if there was a way though? The beaming, golden sun sent warmth all around me. But it did not seem...warm. I open my mouth randomly the exact same time every day, even if I do not want it to, and in a few minutes, I feel like I am not hungry. But how is this possible.  a normal human needs food and water to live. To sustain themselves. Piles and piles of thoughts were being slammed into my head. My head started...burning? I could hear something saying,

"Test 404 is malfunctioning! Contain Test 404 at all costs!"

Now i was scared. Really scared. My whole world seemed to be melting, everything went black and then something fell off my head. some form of headgear i suppose. Rows and rows of people were sitting next to me, all wearing the same alien-like object which was once upon my head. I was not familiar with it. Everything seemed to be, glowing boxes with images on them. I saw where I once was. A not-so-nice Paradise. 

"where am I?" I asked

"You don’t need to know; you’re coming with us bub!" 2 men in black uniform bellowed as they started to draw nearer to me. Then, I ran. Everything seemed to be a blur from then on because I felt a dart get shot into my arm. I felt dizzy, then blacked out. The moment I woke up I was back to the place I began. The place I had spent my whole life. Somewhere.

The Den on the Shore by Charlie Chambers

I was so incredibly fed up and bored with this whole quarantine mess.  I just needed to get out of the house, away from my parents and go on a long long walk to see the sea at sunset!


In the distance was a small wooden den on the beach.  It was made of rotting wood and old scraps of metal that had been washed up by the sea.  I slowly trod over to it, walking over the silky sand and climbing over the ancient granite rocks.  As I got nearer to the den, I could make out five tree stumps made for people to sit on. 


Just before I entered the wooden den, a group of children left. So I was in there on my own admiring the sunset, listening to the last of the birds songs and watching the last people leave the beach. 


See, that’s all I remember before waking up!  I was still in the den and realising I had fallen asleep on the beach. Eventually I got up and left for my house so in a way I was the last person on the beach in the evening and the first of this new summers day.  I feel better.

Den on the shore


It was a mission to find that barge that lay on the shore line.  Along with a group of explorers we trekked over mountains, through jungles and even across ice. I spent every night camping on the grass in the wild.  I looked across the damp, dewy grass and in the distance I thought I could see it.  A wooden old barge washed up on the shore “Are you sure that’s it” questioned Ellie. We had to get closer, so we rushed over to take a closer look.


“That’s it” exclaimed Rob.


A huge barge washed up on the side.  I looked up and down and all around me.  A broken down fence looking entrance, which was difficult to get in.  Paint was peeling off the windows making them look dirty.  We stepped in all quite well until Ellie stumbled over a rotten loose floorboard. I could hear the sound of rats scurrying above my head.

We went and looked at the sofa it was all moth-bitten. I wouldn’t want to be sitting on that. “Probably needs patching up” said Rob  it would make a nice home even though it was a boat designed for land but it was really cosy.


The barge was lit up by candles and even though you would have thought it would be dark and dingy it was actually lit it up quite well.


“Let's explore the other side” Ellie suggested.


As we walked through the barge the smell of damp air wafted around.  I could see the sofa and chairs and the table they looked quite cosy and warm with all the fire place heating it all up.  I didn’t think that we would get cold.


By Oliver  S