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Diary entries

Thinking about August's first day at school we have written diaries from the point of view of his Mum and Dad

Dear Diary


Today, was Auggie's first day of school and we were all quite nervous about it, well everybody apart from Nate who appeared fine because we all know August is a brave boy.  It was an emotional morning, part of me felt sorry for my boy going to school after all this time of being home schooled by me. 


I was really glad that Via was supportive and happy for Auggie going to school, I’m sure it helped him knowing it was her first day at school too. I’m sure she felt nervous too, don’t we all when starting something new.


We walked together which made me feel a bit at ease.  As we neared towards the school my heart raced seeing so many children and parents waving their children off for their first day. 


I couldn’t look at the other parents, worried about what they would think of Auggie.  I managed to hold my tears in, give Auggie a very quick hug and off he ran into school.  I had my fingers crossed that Auggie would have a good day. 









Dear Diary


Auggies first day at school.  I was brave and so was Auggie well when I say I was, I mean just Auggie, I’d like to think I was brave. I’d realised that my son was turning a strong brave boy and I was proud of that.  He would be ok at school. I suggested we all walked to school together and I don’t know why, but Isobelle seemed happy about that. 


When we started walking to school I started to notice Auggie was not very happy so I went to ask him what the problem was he said he has never been outside the block before well maybe one or two times.  This made me feel quite sad so I put my arm round him and reassured him he’d be fine.


Isabelle started to act really weird when she saw all the kids and what Auggie is going to have to deal with.  I put on a brave face, patted my boy on the back and watched him go into the school.





By Oli