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Week 1

This week we have written our ides about how we can show our HEART values in class.  We have also started to practise our joined handwriting.  Will you show you are ready for a pen?

Week 2

This week we have started our learning using the book "Stone Age Boy"

We have made predictions, using inverted commas with speech and written about what we could see and infer.

Week 3

This week we have been summarising stories using Stone Age Boy.  (We have finished this book now)

We then moved onto improving our inference skills using the front cover of ...

Week 4.   

Continuing with our work on 'Blast to the Blast' we considered the P4C question:

Is it ever OK to do the wrong thing? before reading the first chapter.

What did Sam and Alissa do that they shouldn't have done?  What was the consequence of their actions?



We used a 'Bag of Words' from the first chapter to predict what we thought the chapter might be about.
What a busy week of writing.  We used pictures to help us remember the events in the first 2 chapters of Blast to the Past and then imitated the author by rewriting in our own words.  Amazing results.  Well done Year 3.
On Friday, we were innovators and kept the same key points to the story but changed the details.  Looking forward to seeing them this week.

Week 5

This week we have been writing and editing our Innovated stories.  Watch this space to see some of the fantastic results.

Week 6

To start the week, we looked at different information texts from the library and identified their features.  Next we continued our work from last week, mind mapping lots of fascinating information we learnt about the Bronze Age from our visit to Testwood Lakes.  Our next challenge is to write our own information text all about the Bronze Age.  We will be sharing these with you at our outcome.