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A Day in Lock Down

April 21st 2020


Charlie’s Corona day diary!


Today I woke up at 7.42am and went downstairs to go on my Playstation. My typical morning lockdown routine! I added to my Fifa football team by selling Ageuro, buying Messi and Neymar Jr.  Well actually Messi goes for 97 million and I put an offer in for 110 million, but the manager didn’t accept this offer even though I offered more money that he wanted! For breakfast I had a boiled egg with toast before going upstairs and watching Youtube on my phone. After this I started my work which is what I am doing now.


Later in the day- After a couple of slow hours working, we all had a sandwich and then headed off for a bike ride on the cycle paths. This was sooooo exciting seeing as we do this route every time we go on our bikes! But actually at the end it was quite exciting as we went to Eastleigh Lakeside and we saw some wild Canada geese nesting ready for spring. 


After getting home I went to my bedroom and practiced a song with my guitar that I have been working on.  This is a song called Columbia by Oasis. I practiced until dinnertime. To be honest I have forgotten already what it was!!


After dinnertime it was at least 6pm so I went to the lounge to watch my favourite TV show called Friday night dinner and now we are where we are now, head phones on, listening to music and writing this!

Olivia's Diary

Dear diary,


this morning i woke up and layed in my bed for about 25 minutes until my mum started nagging me to get up. i rolled out of my bed and just as i did my sister  slammed the door open tea in hand. i walked pass her with a face of thunder . then walked down the stairs to get my breakfast.


once i had eaten i went back upstairs to get dressed. after i got dressed i went back down stairs and logged on my computer to talk to my friends for a bit before starting my work.


After about 30 minutes of chatting my mum came down with my work. Once she had 'lightly placed' the work on the table I got back up to get the kettle to boil. After 3 hours of work I stopped for the day to do something else, and that something else was drawing, at first I couldn't think of anything to draw but I just decided to draw another person [that was the 101 person i've drawn] . After a while of rubbing out and colouring the wrong places I finally finished .


After I had put all of my art materials away, I decided to eat something there wasn't much in the house but there were a few  noodles in the back of the cupboard so I decided to have them for lunch. After I ate the noodles I decided to go back on my computer to socialise  with friends. After a while of no one being online I got bored and went for a walk with my sister in the woods.


When me and my sister got back our dad just finished the BBQ  and the food was on the table waiting to be eaten. once we had eaten the food i went back inside and started to draw another  person whilst listening to music.


Then i finished the drawing and went upstairs just to watch youtube. my mum came into my room and told me to get change and turn off my tablet and too go to bed.

Taran's Lockdown Diary


Monday 20th April 2020

Dear Diary,

Today, it was my first day back to home schooling after the Easter holidays which still seems very strange to me compared to normal school. To start of the day, we did P.E with Joe Wicks live on Youtube at 9.00am. After I had tired myself out with Joe, I went upstairs to do a maths sheet which took me around 20 minutes. Next, I went downstairs and went on my dad’s computer to do some spelling shed and now I am third place in the league table!

Finally, after a few minutes of playing some basketball outside, we all had some lunch and then went for a bike ride to the park. At the park, every day me and my mum have been trying to get my sister to ride her bike without any help. Today, after weeks of practice, I finally helped her smash riding her bike with no help for the first time ever [yessss]!

When we got home, we decided bake some homemade scones. My sister and I got out flour, butter, sugar, a little bit of milk and sultanas. First, we had to weigh all the ingredients, then we mixed it all together to make a dough, put the sultanas in and rolled the dough and then finally we cut out scone shapes and baked them in the oven. When they came out of the oven, we ate them with clotted cream and jam while watching Dumbo the movie. They were delicious!

After a few games of Guess Who with my sister, I had some time to relax and catch up with my school friends on my PlayStation which I always love to do. Before long, it was time for dinner. Mum made curry today although I would have preferred pizza!

After dinner, as usual we did some bedtime reading and so far, I am enjoying reading my book called Wonder which I find sad and funny at the same time. Today has been a good day, as we have done some interesting things but now, I am quite sleepy so I think I will go to bed.